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Important Update for PITE 3923 Battery Monitoring System

There are some important updates in the PITE 3923 Battery Monitoring System. Now we have more optional models for different users in different industries:

1.       PITE 3923B
This will integrate the Control Unit (CU) and Monitoring Terminal (MT) in one unit. It is typically used in telecom base station where there are 4 cells of 12V. It is smart and very easy to install/operate solution especially for small battery room in telecom section.  

2.       More MT channels
Now one MT can not only be connected to 1 cell or 4 cells, you could also connect it to 6 cells. Also, different MT channels ( 1-channel, 4-channel and 6-channel MT) can be used in the same battery string. This makes it very flexible for onsite installation, especially when the wiring structure varies in different sites or application.

3.       Smart battery
With remolding of conventional battery, the 1-channel MT can also be built-in the battery and make the battery a “Smart battery” with monitoring function when they are connected as string.

For more detailed info about the updates, please refer to PITE 3923 page HERE. You could also download the catalog for this battery monitoring system HERE.   


Nov 25, 2016

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