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Focus on new technology in UAE

New technology will help drive the healthiest area of the UAE construction industry in coming years with spend in building construction alone projected at $184 billion between 2011 and 2015, according to the lasted figures from Ventures on behalf of The Big 5, 2011.
The UAE is identified by the report as the leader in adopting green measures in building design and the report provides examples of new green technologies that have been produced or utilised ; RAK Ceramics have developed the Luminos tile, which sores light energy during the day and then glows during darkness , ultimately conserving energy. Within the plumbing sector, RoeVac's environmentally friendly and efficient vacum sewage system was utilised on the Palm Jumeirah project. Dual flush toilets , which can save up to 65 percent water, are in place in projects such as Burj Khalifa Residential Tower.

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