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LB-2482 (24V/48V 200A)

LB-2482 (24V/48V 200A)
LB-2482 (24V/48V 200A)
  • LB-2482 (24V/48V 200A)

Product Information

LB-2482 battery load bank is specially designed for discharge experiment, battery capacity test, battery maintenance, engineering examination and other tests for DC power with load. It is typically applied to 24V and 48V battery system in telecom with discharge current adjustable from 0 to 200A.

With its optional Data Acquisition Case (DAC), you will have a real-time monitoring for the whole process of discharge with wireless communication in PC.

Typical application:


Why PITE load units?
It is significant to check battery capacity in a regular basis. And the only reliable way to measure the battery capacity is to carry out a discharge test which is a must-to-do job to energize standby batteries and extend their life span.
PITE 3980 series DC load banks feature unique design and excellent performance that will facilitate your work for battery maintenance. It covers different types of batteries (1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V). With different customer-tailored models, it covers a wide discharge range from 12V to 480V for users from different industries. With optional DAC, discharge values of each cell could be monitored on the LCD display and computer simultaneously by using the PITE PC software.

• Small weight, portable unit with carrying case, convenient for onsite test
• Optional wireless DAC enables real-time PC monitor for measurement
• It sets 4 conditions for discharge auto shut-down:
Discharge time, discharge capacity, string voltage and cell voltage
• Continued discharge available when previous discharge is stop abnormally
• Parallel connection of two units for higher discharge current
• Can work with other load banks for assistant discharge
• Can monitor measurement of other load banks or battery charger
• Accurate data measurement and vivid waveforms
• Auto sorting for lag-out batteries during discharging
• Safe circuits avoids damage to battery during measurement
• Direct USB drive for convenient data transfer to PC
• Powerful management software for data analysis and report printing
• Automatic protection upon over heating and overload
• Thermal cut-off and automatic overload protection

Technical Parameters
Mains Voltage
1). AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz;
2). DC (from batteries discharged)
For battery type
1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V
Discharging Current
Accuracy: 1%    Resolution: 0.1A or 0.5%
Max discharge current
Max power
Nominal voltage
24V and 48V
Discharge voltage range
10-27.6V (Nom: 24V)
10-55.2V (Nom: 48V)   
Voltage Accuracy
Sampling Interval
5s --1min
LCD Display
128*64 pixel
5%~90% Relative humidity
Safety standard
CE market, EMC standard
Dimension & Weight
(main unit)*
553*225*425mm, 19kg
*NOTE:Discharge current could be higher with parallel connection of extra unit.

Optional Data Acquisition Case (DAC)
DAC is optional for wireless communication with PITE 3980 main unit and PC. The new insulation-protected DAC is rugged and capable to measure all type of batteries (1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V).

Its Connection:
One DAC could be connected with 12 cells of 1.2V, 2V or 4 cells of 12V (or 6V). With DAC, PITE 3980 and PITE DataView software will be able to monitor and record voltage of each cell together with other parameter like String voltage, current, discharge capacity and so on.

In LB-2482 standard unit for testing 2V, 6V and 12V batteries, it needs 2 DACs for cell monitoring.If test 12V batteries only,1 DAC is needed.


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