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Portable Tester

Portable Tester
Portable Tester
  • Portable Tester
  • PITE 3552 Portable Tester for Power Meter

Product Information


  • • Touch-screen (TFT) and keyboard synchronous operation
  • • Single-phase and three-phase measurement, two in one
  • • Test all metering units and power meters of both high and low volt under 10KV
  • • Combination of electricity meter tester and power quality analyzer
  • • Online monitor for real-time data testing and comparison 
  • • Safe and quick measurement for electricity anti-theft meter error
  • • Test result playback on screen and transferable to PC for report printing
  • • User-friendly interface and vivid screen display, simplify on-site testing of industrial and residential billing meters
  • • Different units could be used simultaneously in the circuit for comprehensive testing and troubleshooting

Technical Parameter

Voltage signal input: Direct input
  • • Resistance: >2MΩ, 20pF
  • • Testing range: 10~700Vrms
  • • Peak voltage: 1000V
  • • Power consumption: <0.5VA/phase
Current input circuit
  • • Indirect input, with different current clamps
  • • Testing range: 20Arms, 500Arms, 1000Arms
  • • Power consumption: <2.0VA/phase
  • • Frequency range: 40 Hz ~70Hz
  • • Screen: 320*240, 5.7' TFT LCD touch-screen
  • • Internal Memory: 16 MB Flash
  • • External Memory: 256MB
  • • Com port: USB port
  • • Power supply: rechargeable Li-ion battery workable for 5~6 hours
  • • Power adaptor: AC100~240V/DC16.8V-1A adaptor
  • • Main unit: 1.2kg, 277x169x36mm
  • • Working temperature: -20~40℃
  • • Relative humility: 5~90%RH
  • • Insulation: >2MΩ, AC1500V/50Hz, 1 min
  • • Communication between main unit and extension unit
  • • Transmitting frequency: 433MHz
  • • Communication distance: >800 meters
  • • Frequency modulation: FSK Optional thermal printer for instant print-out

Example of Application 
This is application in high-volt metering unit with multiple units working simultaneously.
It is also applicable in other metering units and power meters.




Low-volt measurement

Could test 3-phase 4 wire metering units and single-phase power meters

High-volt measurement

Could test high voltage metering units and power meters

High-Low volt CT ratio

Test high-volt CT and low-volt CT

Online measurement

 Active power, reactive power and power factor of 3-phase 4 wire circuit

Harmonics Measurement

Harmonic measurement up to 50 Times. Test result includes: each harmonic voltage, harmonic current amplitude, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), voltage harmonic/ current harmonic ratio (HR) and harmonic spectrum.

Test result playback

Convenient playback of testing result

Technical Parameter:


Testing range



3-phase voltage: 10~700Vrms
3-phase current: 0.5~1000Arms
Frequency: 40~70Hz

Voltage: ±0.5%
Current: ±0.5%
Frequency: ±0.01Hz

Harmonic testing

Voltage harmonic: total harmonic+1~50 th
Current harmonic: total harmonic+1~50 th

Voltage harmonic: ±0.1(%r)
Current harmonic: ±1%

Power measurement

Active power: 0.05~700kW
Apparent: 0.05~700kVA
Reactive power: 0.05~700KVAR
Power factor: 0.00~1.00
KWh: 0.01~10000kWh
KVAh: 0.01~10000kVAh
kVARh: 0.01~10000 kVARh
Average Total Power Factor  : 0.00~1.00

Active Power: ±1%
Apparent Power: ±1%
Reactive Power:±1%
Power Factor: ±0.005
Active Energy: ±1%
Apparent Energy: ±1%
Reactive Energy: ±1%h
Average Power Factor: ±0.005


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