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How to adjust the turn on speed of PITE3980 resistor

During the discharging test, the DC Load Bank PITE3980 would release a large amount of heat , especially for high current and voltage model, to avoid excessive current and heat in an instant which may damage the equipment permanently, when you start the discharging test the internal resistor and MOSFET would turn on gradually, normally it take 1-5 minutes for the load bank to reach its full capacity, it's normal and safe, please be patient.

However in some case the end user may really want to accelerate the procedure to save some time, here is a step by step guide for you to check the current setting for the turn on speed of the PITE3980 resistor, and if it's possible to switch it to an faster option

  1. Turn on the PITE3980

2. Click "System"

3. Click "Param manage"

4. Click "String S/N"

5. Click ⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️, then it would enter next step and ask for password

5. Input Password "9576", then click "Enter"

6. This setting page is not designed for end user, so it's Chinese only, please do not change anything else, only find "电阻调节: 慢速"

  • if it's "电阻调节: 慢速/2", then you can switch it to "电阻调节: 慢速", then the speed to turn on the resistor and MOSFET would be faster

  • if it's already "电阻调节: 慢速", please leave it be, in this case it's already the faest option to turn on the resistor, no other way to accelerate the procedure. Do not chose the other option there such as "电阻调节: 中速", "电阻调节: 高速" and "电阻调节: 变速", it's for product debug in our factory, not for end user to use on site

7. Click "Esc", Set Complete


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