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How to do a Zero Calibration for PITE3980

Here is a step by step guide to show you how to check the current parameter of Zero Calibration, how to run an auto Zero Calibration and save the setting for our DC Load Bank PITE3980

  1. Turn on the DC Load Bank PITE3980

2. Click "System"

3. Click "Param manage"

4. Click "Zero calib"

5. This is the parameter of current Zero Calibration

6. Click "Enter", The DC Load Bank PITE3980 would do an auto Zero Calibration

After the auto Zero Calibration complete, "calib complete", click "Esc" back to the previous page to save the new parameter, otherwise the new setting would not be saved and applied

7. Click "Measure calib"

8. Click "Save param"

9. Input password "9577", click "Enter"

10. Set Complete


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