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Ground Fault Locator

Ground Fault Locator


Ground Fault Locator PITE3836 is developed to fast detect, track and locate virtual grounding faults on DC systems. This spares you from hours of unnecessary troubleshooting and helps to increase the reliability of your electrical equipment. It is widely used in locomotive, telecom, power utilities, etc.

The PITE3836 Ground Fault Locator is an essential instrument to identify faulty grounding where electrical cables have breakage and loss to the ground. The unit identifies the inadvertent ground by injecting a low frequency signal on the faulted polarity. By following the signal using the current clamps and the portable receiver, the physical location of the ground fault can be found. Measurement of online DC systems is possible as the output current of the PITE3836 is very low but the output voltage can be up to 1000V. 

Compliance with NERC PRC-002-6 requires that the battery and DC power system be inspected for inadvertent grounds every four months. If a ground fault exists the PITE3836 is the tool by which that fault can be located without the need to de- energize the live circuit


  • Patented technology, pinpoint current leakage fault with grounding resistance lower than 1MΩ
  • Innovative dual-clamp for signal receiver, each clamp has two sizes of opening jaw for different conductors
  • One pair of clamp working together, effective cancel capacitive interference when DC system is online
  • Precise current direction (positive or reversed) indicating for leaking current help fast locate the faulty grounding
  • 10Hz output frequency on signal receiver effectively avoids interference from DC system itself
  • Signal receiver can set reference in different points for signal comparison, very fast for fault orientation
  • Digital signal processing technology for detecting grounding resistance and capacitive resistance
  • With built-in band pass filter to bypass different interference signals in the ambient environment.
  • No disconnection of the electrical installation, ground fault location is carried out during operation
  • Frequency spectrum analysis can test ambient frequencies, which helps analyze the surrounding environment
  • Signal generator with adjustable output voltage (24V~1000V) for different DC systems
  • Multi-ways to indicate ground fault: sensitive current direction, phase angle, comparison of signal strength